Q-ION Immune Defense – Booster Supplement

Supplement for quickly strengthening and protecting your immune system

✔ Boost Recovery with Ion-Blast Technology
✔ Healthy Inflammation Response
✔ Detoxify Your Body
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Q-ION Immune Defense Booster Supplement is a key tool in keeping you healthy. An advanced, exclusive formula developed based on the latest scientific discoveries in the study of ways and methods to naturally strengthen the immune system. According to the manufacturer, regular intake of these pills for 1-3 months forms a powerful immune response against pathogens, fungal infections, parasitic invasions and other pathologies. The complex protects against environmental and ecological influences, helps regulate stress levels and reduce the risk of seasonal colds.

We decided to prepare this review together with the renowned immunologist, Dr. Brad Crowley. In a conversation with an expert, we received answers to the most frequently asked questions about Q-ION Immune Defense Formula and its properties.

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– Dr. Crowley, why is it important to control the level of your own immunity?

– We are surrounded by infections, viruses, fungal spores and bacteria. We cannot make our world around us sterile (this is not necessary). Our body has natural ways to defend against these pathogens. But at some point, each person can be faced with a weakening of the immune system.

– Why is this happening?

– We ourselves are to blame for the decrease in immunity. Let’s analyze the lifestyle of the average resident of our city. Hard work, constant stress, chronic lack of sleep. Visiting public places (shopping malls, transport, gyms, etc.) increases the risk of infection in the body. As for the diet, there are too few nutrients in it. Supermarket food has a low concentration of vitamins and minerals.

– What to do in this situation?

– First of all, you need to change your lifestyle. If you are used to spending the weekend sitting on the couch in front of the TV, give up this habit and take walks in the fresh air more often. An active lifestyle is the best prevention of many diseases. Try to avoid stressful situations and minimize aggression. The more you worry and get nervous, the less chances immunity has to protect you from external factors. But the most important thing is getting healthy antioxidants and vitamins. I recommend Q-ION Immune Defense to Boost Your Immunity because it contains a full range of essential ingredients for your health.

– Is this product safe?

– Absolutely! We are dealing in 100% herbal vegan capsules that are created from plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. The product does not contain Gluten, harmful additives or chemicals. Using this formula, you can be confident in your own health and avoid the dangerous consequences of a weakened immune system.

– How it works?

– The key to the high efficiency of Q-ION Immune Defense New Zealand is the use of supernova Ion-Blast technology. By acting on the main causes of the penetration of pathogenic forms into the body, Ion-Blast strengthens the natural barrier and normalizes the functioning of internal organs. The product contains a wide range of useful ingredients: Chinese Camellia extract, Quercetin, Bromelain, Zinc and others. The formula does an excellent job and neutralizes dangerous health effects.

– Q-ION Immune Defense description says this product is effective against viruses. It’s true?

– Viruses attack weakened immunity. If you have a strong immune system, then even when any viruses enter the body, antibodies are produced very quickly and the disease proceeds in a mild form without complications. Considering the fact that Q-ION Immune Defense pharmacy sells as an immune boosting product, I would trust the manufacturer’s statement.

– How long should I take these pills to feel the effect?

– Each person has his own individual organism, so the duration of the course of use may vary. To the best of my knowledge, clinical studies on this product have confirmed the best results after 90 days of daily capsule intake. By the way, this is important if you are collecting Q-ION Immune Defense order. One bottle is enough for you only for 30 days, so when ordering a 90-day course, it is better to choose 3 bottles at once. As far as I know, a pack of 3 bottles will cost less.

– Can I Q-ION Immune Defense buy in NZ or is this product only sold overseas?

– You will not find these capsules in pharmacies. But my patients ordered Q-ION Immune Defense delivery through the official online store. Delivery times are usually no more than 10 days.

– Is it an expensive product?

– At Q-ION Immune Defense price no more than the cost of pharmacy immunostimulants. Only in the case of this food supplement, you can be 100% sure of the safety of use.