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A one of a kind extremely powerful blend that repairs your prostate!

✔ FDA approved facility
✔ non-GMO and safe
✔ 32 carefully mixed plant extracts
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The appearance of ProstaMend prostate health supplement on sale caused a great stir among potential buyers and experts. A lot of conflicting information about this product appears in the news, so the journalists of our editorial office decided to use the help of a specialist in solving this issue. We contacted Dr. Steward and decided to ask him the most pressing questions about these capsules and methods of treating male diseases.

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– Dr. Steward, when should you go to a urologist to avoid BPH and impotence?

– In 90% of cases, men are afraid to admit their problem. Some of my patients endured many months or even years before they decided to come for an examination. Because of their fear, they lost precious time when the disease was still at an early stage and could be cured without surgery. I advise all men after 30 years of age to undergo an examination of the prostate gland at least once a year in order to timely identify any irregularities in its work. And you definitely need to do this as soon as possible if you feel certain symptoms.

– Why does this disease occur?

– There are many reasons. In most cases, the cause is a genitourinary urogenital infection. Also, the patient’s lifestyle leads to inflammation of the prostate gland. Men of mature and elderly age are always at risk. There is a high likelihood of disturbances in the work of the prostate with a sedentary lifestyle, eating too spicy or salty foods, hypothermia, trauma to the penis, being overweight or having irregular sex.

– What will happen if you do not treat prostatitis?

– The disease has a rapid dynamic of progress. The longer you refuse treatment, the more the condition of your prostate worsens. This increases the risk of developing dangerous complications, including prostate adenoma, impotence, infertility, cystitis and others.

– Do many medical reference books talk about prostate massage? How effective is it?

– Prostate massage is indeed a good way to maintain her health, but rather as an addition to the main treatment. I would call the most effective prostate massage in the prevention of male diseases. If you are already experiencing symptoms, you will most likely have to look for some additional methods.

– Have you already heard about ProstaMend for enlarged prostate?

– Sure. Due to the peculiarities of my profession, I have to constantly keep abreast of all new scientific discoveries and methods of treatment of urogenital diseases.

– What can you say about this product? If you read ProstaMend description, you get the impression of excellent health benefits. How much can you believe?

– The ProstaMend New Zealand formula has really demonstrated high efficiency and, in my opinion, is one of the best on the market. Unlike antibiotics or prostate massage, the product not only eliminates the symptoms of prostatitis, but also neutralizes the cause of its occurrence. The herbal formula helps control prostate volume and contributes to its reduction. Taking capsules can get rid of acute pain, normalize urination and regain lost sexual erection.

– How long should you drink ProstaMend prostate support pills?

– It all depends on the individual condition and age of the patient. For some, the capsules help after a few hours, while others have to go through a longer course of use. From the experience of my patients, I can say that the best result is achieved after 3-6 months.

– I have information in the media that it has now become possible ProstaMend buy in NZ. But where can you do it?

– As far as I know, so far only through the online store. ProstaMend pharmacy doesn’t sell, so it’s best to order the product online with home delivery.

– Given the specifics of the product, what are the guarantees of confidentiality?

– When my patients ordered these capsules, they confirmed that everything happened as anonymously as possible. The delivery staff had no idea what was inside the package. This eliminated unnecessary awkwardness and embarrassment when receiving an order.

– Can ProstaMend side effects occur?

– Considering the 100% herbal composition of the ingredients, the likelihood of side effects on the body is practically excluded. But any user should carefully read the instructions and it is best to consult a doctor before starting to use the supplement.

– If I suddenly decide ProstaMend order, how much will I have to pay for this product?

– I would recommend ordering a 180-day supply of 6 bottles at once. In this case, ProstaMend price will be the most profitable.

– Is ProstaMend delivery fast?

– Yes. In just a few days, the goods arrive at the post office and you can pick them up.