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If you are not satisfied with the quality of your sex life or you have problems in the bedroom from time to time, this article will be the most useful to read. In it, we would like to share an expert opinion on why erectile dysfunction occurs, whether it is possible to increase the size of the penis and how to maintain men’s health after 40 years. Our site contacted Dr. Rosenberg for his opinion on the popular nutritional supplement (MonsterFX7 Male Enhancement Support OTC). What is the peculiarity of this product and why is it called the main scientific breakthrough at the moment?

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– Tell me, doctor, what is erectile dysfunction?

– This is a condition in which the male penis cannot achieve a full and stable erection for intercourse. There are several types of this problem: complete or partial erectile dysfunction caused by physiological or psychological factors, acute or chronic.

– How is erectile dysfunction different from impotence?

– Impotence is the ultimate inability of a man to have sexual intercourse. In the case of erectile dysfunction, we are only talking about a temporary decrease in sexual function under the influence of certain factors (stress, fatigue, irregular sex, excess weight, problems with the cardiovascular system, and so on). In this case, the patient, with proper and timely treatment, manages to return to an active sex life.

– We often hear about the so-called psychological erectile dysfunction. What it is?

– In 9 out of 10 cases, problems with hardness of an erection are caused by excessive excitement or the expectation of a repetition of failure. The fact is that the genitourinary and central nervous systems are interconnected. When a guy (even at a young age) has a failure in bed, it gives serious stress to the whole body. After such a shock, many are lost and always expect a repeat of failure. This raises blood pressure levels, anxiety and fear, thereby increasing the likelihood of a second fiasco in the bedroom. Psychological impotence can be cured very easily. For this, I sometimes advise my clients to MonsterFX7 buy in NZ and take 2 capsules a day. This allows them to cope with the problem quickly and without harm to their health.

– What about penis size? Is it really not important?

– I can’t say that. In fact, many doctors speak in such a way as to reassure patients who have not been given a large reproductive organ by nature. If you look at the real facts, more than 70% of my patients are dissatisfied with the quality of their sex life precisely because they have a small penis.

– Only surgery will help to cope with this problem?

– Why immediately surgery? There are a huge number of different products on the market today that can guarantee you an excellent result at home. One of these is MonsterFX7 Sex Drive Pills.

– You mean Monster FX7 Male Sex Enhancement Supplement? What is special about it?

– This natural blend of active ingredients that help take any man’s sexual function to a whole new level. This 100% natural dietary supplement has become a real discovery for people who want to achieve incredible efforts in bed. I would like to point out a few main points that I personally like very much. First, after reading MonsterFX7 description, you will not find any harmful ingredients in these capsules. Secondly, the effect of the formula is truly phenomenal. On the one hand, it completely neutralizes the causes of erectile dysfunction, and on the other hand, it increases the size of the penis. It contains only safe herbal ingredients that can improve important aspects of sexual health.

– Sounds incredible. How can regular pills enlarge the penis?

– Everything is very simple. When you start taking MonsterFX7 New Zealand, your body gets a potent blend of ingredients to dilate your blood vessels and access more blood to your penis. Gentle and gradual pressure on the walls of the corpus cavernosum of the penis leads to their expansion and increase in size. Thus, you can make your penis longer and thicker without harm to health and without side effects.

– If I want MonsterFX7 order, how can I do it?

– Everything is very simple. Since it is a dietary supplement, you do not need a prescription or prescription from your doctor. Just order MonsterFX7 delivery and get your package in a few days.

– Does pharmacy sell?

– As far as I know, it does not sell. Only through the official website. By the way, MonsterFX7 price there is very attractive for buyers, so I recommend giving it a try.