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Interview with Dr. Gordon, founder of the KetoMir project and author of a number of scientific publications on the benefits of low-carb diets. In it we will talk about why the ketogenic diet is becoming more and more popular in the world, who can use it, and who better not. We will also discuss KETOExpert weight loss pills as one of the best selling products in this area.

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– Hello, Doctor. I recently read about the ketogenic diet in one of your articles. The impression was that it was written for advanced readers in this topic, who know certain subtleties and terminology. I would like to ask you to explain the essence of the ketogenic diet in simpler words so that our readers can understand.

– I consider the keto diet one of the main alternatives to the traditional diet and the natural course of human evolution. We do not ride horses and do not live in huts for a long time. Then why should we eat what our ancestors ate 100 years ago? Previously, the diet of people was justifiably rich in carbohydrates, as this was required for higher endurance when hunting or cultivating their own land. Now our body does not need so many carbohydrates, because the average person has no more than 40 minutes of physical activity per day. The essence of the ketogenic diet is to enable the body to obtain an alternative source of energy – its own fat. When exercising normally, it takes 50 minutes of intense cardio or other physical activity to activate fat burning. As a result, as soon as important processes are launched, you no longer have strength and energy for anything. In the case of a ketogenic diet, carbohydrate starvation occurs in the body, so from the first minutes of physical activity, fat begins to melt and release additional energy.

– What about proteins? How much should you consume on a ketogenic diet?

– I would recommend sticking to the proportions of 25% protein, 5% carbohydrates and 70% fat. This is a purely individual, developed by me plan, which I deduced from my personal experience of experimenting with various keto programs.

– As far as I know, ketosis is an important step on the path to fat burning. Some experts argue that it is only the sixth day after we reduce carbs that we sink into this state. Is it possible to somehow speed up this process?

– Yes. Ketosis occurs as a result of the production of special ketone bodies in the cells of our liver due to carbohydrate starvation. On average, this process takes 6-7 days, but there are faster ways to achieve the result. Lately I’ve started recommending KETOExpert order to my clients. This dietary supplement has many benefits and works 90% more effectively than its counterparts.

– KETOExpert description says this product can start ketosis in 40 minutes. This is true?

– KETO Expert supplement for weight loss contains a high concentration of ketone bodies, which are synthesized from plant extracts. In structure, these ketone bodies are almost identical to those produced in our body when there is a deficiency of carbohydrates. But in this case, you do not have to wait several days for ketosis to occur, since ketones take effect instantly. This means that already 2-3 days after using KETOExpert for fast fat burning, you can see the first results.

– What about muscles? Are they not shrinking?

– Vice versa! With the right approach to exercise and adherence to the recommended proportions in the diet, you can increase muscle mass, strengthen ligaments and increase endurance. As a result, after a few days, stubborn fat in problem areas will disappear, and relief muscles will appear instead.

– If suddenly our readers want KETOExpert buy in New Zealand, how to do it?

– I won’t advertise any sports supplement stores because they don’t pay me to do it (laughs). From my own experience, I can say that the easiest way to order the original KETOExpert New Zealand is the official online store. I and many of my clients order these capsules on the website and receive them by mail.

– Is KETOExpert delivery fast?

– Usually in 3-5 working days I already have the package.

– Does KETOExpert pharmacy sell?

– I do not know. I have never seen these diet pills there. Probably not selling.

– And how to take them correctly?

– The manufacturer recommends drinking 2 capsules once a day with plenty of water.

– Is it an expensive product?

– KETOExpert price actually cheaper than many traditional fat burners.

– Thank you for a very interesting interview! We hope that this information will help many people finally think about working on their own bodies and return to great physical shape.

– Yes, I hope so!