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Throughout my adult life, my penis was 11 cm long, and sex lasted no more than 3 minutes. Surely you think this is funny, but for me it was a terrible test. More than 10 women passed through my bed and ended up completely disappointed. You cannot imagine this feeling when you are full of passion and energy you enter into it, and instead of pleasure she waits for it to end quickly. This terrible feeling of male inferiority has followed me for years. I tried everything – a vacuum pump, mechanical extenders, used some kind of creams and gels. All this did not help and only aggravated my psychological state. When I turned to a sexologist for help, but first I asked for a full cycle of medical tests to study my health. It turned out that all this time I lived with low testosterone levels, and the permeability of my blood vessels inside the penis was 20% below the minimum norm. Based on these analyzes, the doctor advised me to try GigantX Male Enhancement Pills. At that time, I still could not understand how regular pills can help enlarge my penis? Still, it was advised by a licensed sexologist, so I decided to trust him. I ordered capsules on the Internet through the official website. I received my order in 2 days. The bottle was packed in thick paper, through which the contents of the parcel were invisible. The waybill says “food additive” without specifying the specific purpose of the product. This was important for me, because if the courier knew what I was buying, I probably would have burned out with shame. I started drinking this product as it was said in the description: 2 capsules every day, dividing into two doses – morning and evening. In the first week, I felt that my erection became much harder, and the penis remained firm longer when masturbating or during sex. My friend already noticed some first changes. But then a big surprise awaited her! After about 2 months, I noticed that I felt cramped in those panties that I used to wear freely. I decided to measure my penis and was just shocked .. he became 3 cm more! Really 14 cm !!! This is incredible! I didn’t do anything – just drank GigantX New Zealand capsules daily and that’s it! In the end, in half a year I managed to grow my penis up to 16 cm! This is a great result! I could not even dream of this!

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My name is Alex and I am 29 years old. I was very complex because of my problem with premature ejaculation. I think you understand how awful it is when a girl counts on long and passionate sex, and you finish in 2-3 minutes. I didn’t understand what is the cause of this problem? I found a solution very quickly – on the advice of a friend of a doctor’s friend, I decided GigantX buy in NZ. After these capsules, the duration of intercourse increased to 1-2 hours. Now my girlfriend have time to cum 3-4 times before I stop. It boosted my self-esteem a lot! I hope such a product will help someone to solve their problems in bed like me.

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