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Men become irritable and prone to nervous breakdowns due to the female hormone! This is evidenced by the results of recent clinical studies conducted by European scientists. The published report states that overweight and sedentary men in 89% of cases have problems with low testosterone levels and the predominance of the female hormone estrogen in the body. This provokes increased irritability, a tendency to aggression and erectile dysfunction. To cope with this problem, experts recommend changing your lifestyle, giving up bad habits, going in for sports and … taking special testosterone boosters on a natural basis. How important this is, we decided to check with Dr. Müller, who has been working as an andrologist for more than 15 years. For example, EroNex Male Enhancement Pills was chosen, which is considered one of the best stimulators of the production of male hormones in the body.

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– Doctor, is it true that female hormones can prevail in a man’s body?

– In fact, the division of hormones into female and male is rather arbitrary. Both types of hormones are present in the body of every person. What is important is their number and the predominance of some over others. Everyone knows that testosterone is considered the main hormone for a man. Many aspects of male health depend on the volume of testosterone units produced, including strength, endurance, immunity and sexual function. As for women, testosterone is also present in their bodies, but in a minimal amount.

– What affects the level of testosterone in a man’s body?

– I can name many factors – from hereditary predisposition, to the level of physical activity and environmental influences. Let me give you a simple example. Let’s say we are dealing with two patients of the same age and physique. If one of them regularly plays sports, follows a healthy diet, normal sleep, controls stress levels and has sex with a regular partner at least 7 times a week, then his testosterone level will clearly be higher. Moreover, if the second man drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes, suffers from insomnia, obesity and constantly faces stress, his level of sex hormones will decrease much faster.

– So you want to say that in order to maintain good sexual health, a man only needs to eat normally, sleep well and move regularly?

– These are just some of the factors, but they can be categorized as major ones.

– And what should men do after 40 years? At this age, it is difficult to find the time and opportunity to exercise regularly in the gym and maintain the quality of your sex life.

– Already after 30 years in the body of a man there are changes associated with the natural aging of the body. This is accompanied by a decrease in the level of testosterone produced by about 1% per year. If you do not want to let this process go by itself, I advise you to take care of your health as soon as possible. Without waiting for the first problems in bed, you can start taking special testosterone boosters. For example, you can use EroNex buy in NZ as a staple supplement to your diet.

– What it is? Could you please give a short EroNex description?

– It is an advanced nutritional matrix based on plant ingredients and vitamins. According to the latest data, these capsules took first place in the ranking of the best dietary supplements for increasing testosterone levels and received the approval of many experts. More recently, the official sales of EroNex New Zealand started and now everyone can order this formula without a doctor’s prescription.

– How do these male pills work and which one for EroNex price?

– The active herbal mixture is released from the capsule and instantly absorbed into the bloodstream. The powerful components of the formula increase circulation and have a mild vasodilator effect. This activates all the mechanisms of the genitourinary system, awakens a strong sexual desire and guarantees a firm erection for several hours. With regular use of 1-2 capsules a day for 4 weeks, you can completely restore the health of internal organs and processes, as well as increase the level of free testosterone to the optimal level according to your age norm. It is better to check the information with the seller about the cost of the goods.

– How safe is Ero Nex Sex Enhancement Supplement?

– The product is 100% natural and made without the use of chemicals or steroids. In fact, this is just a vitamin supplement, but capsules really work better than many analogues. I have seen examples of patients who have already completed EroNex order and completed the recommended course. In 95% of cases, this allowed them to make real improvements.

– Can I use EroNex penis enlargement pills?

– I do not think that after taking the capsules you will be able to increase the size of the penis, but you will definitely make it harder. And one more thing: EroNex pharmacy does not sell, so you can order the product only via the Internet.

P.S. If you are interested in EroNex delivery, please contact the seller by visiting the official website at the link in the description.