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Penis enlargement – is it true or cheating? Thousands of readers turn to our editorial office with such a question. Everyone is interested in the possibility of solving their most important physiological problem, so we decided to devote a whole review to this topic. In it we will tell you about the most popular methods, as well as find out where you can BigLover buy in NZ today.

To date, from the available methods of changing the shape or size of the male genital organ, only a few really working ones can be distinguished. Let’s take a look at each of them.

The radical solution is surgery

Penis enlargement operations have long been widely used in many countries around the world. The feasibility of such procedures is largely due to the high efficiency and the rapid achievement of real results. But do not rush to look for the phone number of the clinic of aesthetic surgery and make an appointment with the doctor. Let’s look at the disadvantages of this procedure. In the case of a dissection of the ligament that supports the penis inside the body, there may be problems with inflammation and dysfunction of the organ itself. Patients often complain of postoperative pain during urination. In the case of the introduction of autoimmune fat, there is also a high probability of a violation of the condition of the penis and the need for constant monitoring by a doctor during the rehabilitation period. The more modern method of introducing hyaluronic acid belongs to the group of minimally invasive methods, but it also has certain disadvantages. If the surgeon makes a mistake, there is a high probability of curvature of the penis or erectile dysfunction. Do not forget that any operation is always performed using anesthesia, and these are additional health risks. In this case, it is much more efficient to use BigLover Sex Enhancement.

Hormone therapy

In many ways, the small size of the penis is associated with a deficiency of testosterone in a man’s body. In this regard, there is a myth that taking a course of hormone therapy can correct this situation. In fact, real clinical studies show that taking anabolic steroids in an adult man does not help to change the size of the genitals. But on the other hand, this carries a certain threat to health, because a violation of the hormonal background can affect the work of the whole organism as a whole. Why put your health at risk when you can use BigLover penis enlargement gel. It is a natural formula that is guaranteed to produce an effect without side effects. Read BigLover description on the official website to see its useful properties.

Vacuum pumps and extenders

The principle of operation of vacuum pumps is based on the pressure difference inside the pump and outside it. Such an effect is supposedly to increase blood flow to the penis and promote better blood supply to soft tissues. In fact, users often make mistakes that result in soft tissue damage or vasospasm after vacuum. As far as extenders are concerned, this is a more efficient solution. By gradually stretching the extender, you can achieve certain results. But wearing this thing permanently on your penis isn’t easy, so experts recommend BigLover New Zealand instead.

Food supplements and pills

Some dietary supplements contain zinc, nitric oxide and other components that have a positive effect on male erection. The use of such products may pay off for erectile dysfunction, but it is unlikely to help you increase the size of your penis. Moreover, almost 70% of the dietary supplements present on the market are “dummies” that do not bring any benefit to the body. Choose the product you intend to use carefully and don’t waste your money.

Penis enlargement gels and creams

At the moment, this is 100% the safest method of influencing the penis. If you choose a good cream, then it is quite possible to increase the length of your penis by 3-4 cm without surgery. According to customer reviews, the market leader in our country is BigLover penis enlargement. It is about this product that we would like to talk in more detail.

BigLover – Description, Price, Buy, Order, Delivery

There are a number of reasons why today thousands of buyers around the world want BigLover order. This product has surpassed its competitors in many ways due to its unique properties. The gel has a local vasodilating effect, improves the permeability of blood vessels and increases blood flow to the pelvic organs. Using it to solve the set goals and objectives, you get an incredible effect within a few days after the start of the massage.

The formula is perfectly absorbed and does not leave marks on clothes. You can use the cream without restrictions and observe incredible changes in your genitals at home. It’s nice to know that BigLover price is several times cheaper than the cost of vacuum pumps and extenders. Massage with this cream is absolutely safe and does not cause side effects.

The only drawback is that BigLover pharmacy does not sell and you can order the product only through the official online store. If you have such a desire, you can try ordering BigLover delivery online right now.